Together with further developing of the main swimming strokes, this level acts as an introduction to the early stages of competitive swimming training. At Dolphin Swimming School, this level provides students with information concerning swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle and students participate in some more advanced activities in other disciplines. Both basic aerobic swimming endurance development and swimming speed development are integrated within the Advanced-2 program at our swim center.

This level works on stamina and strength. Swimmers learn to swim confidently in deep water, are able to perform sculling, go on with improving stroke technique, further refine breathing and front crawl and backstroke arm movements. They learn kicks and arms coordination in both butterfly and breaststroke. They make their first attempts to develop starts and turns.

The Course Content:

  • Developing competency and confidence in strokes and safety skills from previous levels
    Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly

Swimmers acquire skills such as:

  • Improved backstroke and freestyle
  • Deep water sculling and bobbing
  • Learning the stroke and breathing coordination for breaststroke and butterfly
  • Diving