At Dolphin Swimming School, certified instructors work with students to meet their individual goals. The advantages of taking team lessons include learning from other students and supporting each other. And no doubt, being a member of a swimming team is more exciting than swimming on your own! All students attending our school of swimming receive individualized attention and learn how to practice their skills on their own. Swimming team lessons are perfect for students who wish to take part in competitions.

At this level students are able to demonstrate four strokes. We focus on refining technique and developing efficiency through water. This is the level where hydrodynamics is strongly emphasized. All starts and turns are improved. The swimmer can move on to endurance training.

During the course students continue to build up their distance swimming skills, develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes. Some try to introduce surface dives and various turns. Swimmers continue with learning butterfly and breaststroke.

Skills taught at this level:

  • Refining freestyle, backstroke (including elementary backstroke)
  • Further improvement butterfly and breaststroke
  • Turns of different kinds
  • Learning the approach and start from the blocks
  • Diving Safety