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If you love water and enjoy being in the pool but cannot yet swim, then you should become a student of the Dolphin Swimming School (Brooklyn, NY). If you aim to become an advanced swimmer or just to learn to swim, we are always eager to help you. We strongly believe that each person is unique and lots of factors determine how quickly he or she will learn to swim, including any previous experience in and around the water. We know that small steps can lead to great achievements and lasting self-confidence. Read more >>


All our advanced swimmers are given the opportunity to improve and master their swimming strokes in our pre-squads and squad program. Those who are keen on competitive swimming and train at the Dolphin Swimming School are always welcome to compete in a variety of competitions. Read more >>

Together with further developing of the main swimming strokes, this level acts as an introduction to the early stages of competitive swimming training. At Dolphin Swimming School, this level provides students with information concerning swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle and students participate in some more advanced activities in other disciplines. Both basic aerobic swimming endurance development and swimming speed development are integrated within the Advanced-2 program at our swim center. Read more >>

At Dolphin Swimming School, certified instructors work with students to meet their individual goals. The advantages of taking team lessons include learning from other students and supporting each other. And no doubt, being a member of a swimming team is more exciting than swimming on your own! All students attending our school of swimming receive individualized attention and learn how to practice their skills on their own. Swimming team lessons are perfect for students who wish to take part in competitions. Read more >>