In our school of swimming, the classes for advanced swimmers include developing skills in one or all swim styles listed below:

  • Freestyle
  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Flip Turns
  • Butterfly

All our advanced swimmers are given the opportunity to improve and master their swimming strokes in our pre-squads and squad program. Those who are keen on competitive swimming and train at the Dolphin Swimming School are always welcome to compete in a variety of competitions.

Advanced swimmers at our swim school work on various elements of competitive swimming. Students at the Advanced level can swim unsupported. They learn arm strokes, leg kicks and breathing coordination. Further they learn rotation, floating, treading water, changing direction and submerging. Students of our school of swimming learn the fundamentals of backstroke and freestyle with rotary breathing and are aware of the rudiments of breast stroke and butterfly. Sitting and standing dives are also taught.

Students who have passed the Advanced level are able to swim in deep water. At Dolphin Swimming School we try both to increase swimming skill competency and to show our students how to practice safety and rescue skills.