If you love water and enjoy being in the pool but cannot yet swim, then you should become a student of the Dolphin Swimming School (Brooklyn, NY). If you aim to become an advanced swimmer or just to learn to swim, we are always eager to help you. We strongly believe that each person is unique and lots of factors determine how quickly he or she will learn to swim, including any previous experience in and around the water. We know that small steps can lead to great achievements and lasting self-confidence.

At the Dolphin Swimming School, the first level of instruction is Beginner. This level focuses on feeling comfortable in water, games, and relaxing in a warm water environment. All beginners are instructed and encouraged to challenge their own skills and level of comfort in the water. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you can have fun in the water and use it to learn to swim faster.

The instructors are in water with their students and demonstrate everything. Beginners learn by example, learning the basics of swimming and water safety through guided discovery. At our kids swim school we see our objective as water safety. We aim for our students to float and swim without the aid of flotation devices. We do our best to build confidence in our students and to help them develop their motor skills.

Our swim classes for beginners include:

  • Water Safety (introduction to water environment, a solid foundation for aquatic and safety skills, swimmers feeling comfortable in the water and eager to learn how to swim)
  • Breathing Techniques (breath in and out of the water)
  • Treading and Floating (float on back and front without any floats)
  • Pushing off wall, gliding, flutter kick on front and back
  • Introduction to backstroke and freestyle