Dolphin Swimming School has proudly provided training for children of diverse nationalities and ethnicity for over than a decade. Dolphin promotes healthy lifestyle and love for the sport through balanced instruction in a funny and motivating atmosphere.

Dolphin Swim Center accepts children of all levels of physical development and creates comfortable working atmosphere for each of its members. Our school of swimming offers the beginners through advanced programs which allow each member to learn to swim and to reach his/her full potential.

With the help of experienced coaches working in our swimming school, New York adults and children get an opportunity to perform at swimming competitions according to their level of ability. Dolphin builds up and polishes its swimmers’ skills on High School, College, State, Regional, National, International and Masters levels.

Dolphin coaches promote health by modeling and encouraging behaviors that build body, mind and spirit. Dolphin hires only top-ranked professional staff members to ensure that young swimmers receive only top quality instruction that would make champions out of them.

– Dolphin provides affordable program options to ensure that families’ budgets are not strained. – Dolphin provides quality pool access to all its members regardless of their level. – Dolphin builds up and promotes team spirit. – Dolphin provides structured parental education. – Dolphin promotes the value of competitive swimming in the community. – Dolphin is the swimming school Brooklyn takes pride in!